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President Sata names Committee of Experts to Review Zambia ‘s Constitution

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President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has named a 20-member Technical Committee to draft the new Republican Constitution. This is contained in a statement released by the press aide to the President George Chellah.

The President said in carrying out its functions, the Technical Committee shall refer to all previous Constitutional Review Commissions.

“There are expected to refer to the Chona Constitutional Review Commission, Mvunga Constitutional Review Commission, the 1991 Constitution of Zambia, and the Mwanakatwe Constitutional Review Commission Report and Draft Constitution,” the President said.

“The Technical Committee will also review the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Report and Draft Constitution as well as the Zaloumis Electoral Reform Technical Committee Report and the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) Report and Draft Constitution.”

President Sata emphasised that the Technical Committee shall review the Mung’omba Draft Constitution and use it as the basis upon to develop the new constitution.

The Head of State said the Technical Committee is also expected to consult widely and take into account the submissions forwarded.

The President said the committee shall draw up its programme of work and submit the same to the Secretary to Cabinet within 7 days of its first sitting.

“They are expected to consult local and international experts on constitutional law and practice, the members of the public at all provincial centres and incorporate in the new national constitution the views of the people as resolved in the provincial constitutional conventions.”

The committee is furthermore expected to consult and take into account the submissions of sector groups.

“The Technical Committee shall draft the national constitution based on its findings from the review process and best international constitutional practices and provisions of international conventions on human rights,” the President said.

“They shall also draft the Constitution of Zambia Bill to set the commencement date for the new Constitution, deal with transitional and other issues for the effective transition into a new constitutional regime under the Fourth Republic to be enacted by Parliament.”

The President said the committee shall draw up its programme of work and submit the same to the Secretary to Cabinet within 7 days of its first sitting. The President has also directed the committee to submit the whole report to him.

The Technical Committee shall be composed of the following eminent experts:

1. Hon. Justice Annel Silungwe, SC Former Chief Justice shall be Chairperson

2. Dr. J.B. Sakala JB Sakala and Company shall be Vice- Chairperson

3. Rev. Susan Matale Council of Churches

4. Mr. Willa Mung’omba Mungo’omba Associates

5. Hon. Sebastian S. Zulu, SC Minister of Justice

6. Ms. Charity Mwansa Permanent Secretary-Lusaka Province

7. Professor Patrick Mvunga Mvunga and Associates

8. Chief Luchembe Northern Province

9. Prof. Margaret Munalula University of Zambia

10. Mr. Ernest Mwansa Mwansa Phiri and Partners

11. Dr. Rodger Chongwe Chongwe and Associates

12. Mr. Paulman Chungu Law Association of Zambia

13. Mr. Simon Kabanda Citizens Forum

14. Mr. Reuben Lifuka Transparency International-Zambia

15. Mrs. Mwangala Zaloumis Dove Chambers

16. Dr. Winnie Sithole-Mwenda Ministry of Justice

17. Mrs. Thandiwe D. Oteng Ministry of Justice, who shall be the Secretary to the Committee

18. Three Catholic Bishops

The Technical Committee shall be supported and advised by the following draftspersons:

    1. Mrs. Eva Jhala Bemvi Consultants
    2. Mrs. Patricia D. Jere Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Ministry of Justice
    3. Mr. Andrew Nkunika Acting Principal Parliamentary Counsel,


The Buffalo News: Ex-astronaut offers outlook full of hope

Mark Kelly orbited Earth 854 times. He flew 39 combat missions in Operation Desert Storm and has helped his wife, former Rep. Gabby Giffords, through a grueling recovery after an assassination attempt near Tucson, Ariz., that killed six people. But it was a spinal tap that had Kelly sounding a bit uneasy last week. “They just did one on my brother,” Kelly told me by phone, “and the researchers that were doing the spinal tap on him, they really want to do one on me. I think they’re hesitant to ask, but I told them it would be OK to ask.” “I’ll probably even do it,” he added with a hint of humor. “I’m probably not going to like it.” Kelly and his identical twin, Scott, ignited a new wave of excitement over America’s astronauts this month when Scott Kelly returned to Earth after nearly a year aboard the International Space Station. NASA is studying the twins to determine what effects living in space has on the body.


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On September 16, Saturday afternoon, the voice cast of The Lego Ninjago Movie were at the Regency Village Theatre for the L.A. premiere of the animated ninja movie. Artists who appeared on the red carpet included Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Olivia Munn, and also Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara.


The Lego Ninjago Movie will be in theatres on September 22.



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  • Use enough lubricant so the condom stays in place during sex.

Removing the Condom

  • Remove before standing up. Squeeze and twist the outer ring. Pull it out gently keeping the semen inside.
  • Wrap the condom in its original package or a tissue and throw it away. Avoid flushing it down the toilet.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.


Directions: Use LOVE lube as needed to supplement your natural moisture, enhance intimacy, lubricate latex condoms and facilitate easy insertion of medical devices. To relieve personal dryness, apply a small amount of LOVE Lube to the area of the body you wish to lubricate. Reapply as desired. Harmless if ingested. Easily washes away with warm water.



Store condoms in a cool, dry place. Exposure to heat, air and light makes them more breakable. Don’t stash condoms in a back pocket, wallet or glove compartment.
Lube up! Lubrication can prevent rips and tears in the condom. REMEMBER: Use water-based lubricants with latex condoms. Oil-based lubricants (like baby oil, petroleum jelly or body lotions) damage latex condoms. Don’t use condoms with Nonoxynol 9 – especially for anal sex. Nonoxynol 9 is a spermicide often contained in condoms and lubricants. It has recently been found to cause allergic reactions and cause sores that can actually aid in the transmission of HIV and other STDs.
Check the expiration date. Condoms do have a shelf life. When it’s up, toss it. Don’t use novelty condoms. Novelty condoms, often for sale in sex shops or vending machine SHOULD NOT actually be used. They are what they say they are, a novelty, or “toy”. But nothing to toy around with.
Use a condom only once. Don’t use oil-based lubricants – these can damage a latex condom making it possible for it to split.
Use a new condom for each sex act. Don’t reuse a condom.
Use thicker condoms for anal intercourse. Don’t engage in lengthy and vigorous intercourse.
Don’t yank the condom on like a sock. Roll it on.
Don’t use a condom that is overly sticky, brittle, the color has changed, or that has come from a broken package.
Don’t use flavored condoms for vaginal or anal sex. They should only be used for oral sex.