BY Bertha Bamba

Well done for being professional in maintaining law and order during the year 2016, Home Affairs Minister, Honourable Stephen Kampyongo has commended the Zambia Police Service.

In congratulating officers, the Minister said “the responsibility of preserving peace and security, maintaining law an order to ensure sustainable development in our nation is a daunting task. In any case, 2016 was not an easy year for you Inspector General and all our men and women in the rank and file of the Zambia Police.”

The Minister was speaking when he officiated at the Zambia Police 2016 Annual Ball held at Zambia national Service banquet hall on 13th January, 2017 whose theme was “Policing towards Enhancement of a Crime free Environment for a Peaceful and Sustainable Social and Economic Development.”

The Hon. Minister said he was pleased as Minister responsible for internal security that while the country hosted major Global, Regional and national events in 2016, the Police Service was on the whole not generally found wanting.

The Minister applauded the Zambia Police Service for providing security, maintaining Law and order to acceptable international standards saying “the Police Managed to successfully police the International Parliamentary union General Conference, the Annual General Meeting of the African Development Bank, and policing of the general elections during and after elections.

He was however quick to state that the Zambia Police Service nearly scored distinctions all round , but a few indiscipline officers made the goal a little too far adding that the 2016 Presidential and general elections revealed that there were still some unprofessional security officers in the system whom he said failed a simple test of professionalism.

 “Inspector General and your command, you owe your Commander- in- Chief, His Excellency the President and the people of Zambia in General, preservation of a professional and competent Police Service,” he said.

He further urged police officers to maintain high levels of discipline in the year 2017 as discipline was the cornerstone of any reliable and viable security institution.

 Added the Minister: “those of you who chose careers in the Zambia Police Service have no place in the political arena. Those who wish to cross over to politics should voluntarily leave the Zambia Police. It should be noted that my Government and indeed any Government in a democratic Multi-party political dispensation cannot tolerate nor afford to have politicians and politics in the security institutions.”

Speaking at the same function, Inspector General of Police, Mr Kakoma Kanganja said the Annual ball was the time when officers came together with their family members and stakeholders to socialise and celebrate the achievements of the past year, as well as to interact as police officers so that they can relax a little bit away from their busy and strenuous duties and reflect on various issues in a relaxed mood.

The Inspector General of Police assured the Government and the nation at large, that the Police Service was committed to making Zambia a safe and secure place for all, in order to support a sustainable economic, social and political development.

The Inspector General further pledged to put more effort in the fight against crime and public order maintenance and uphold human rights by treating all citizens in a affair and firm manner in accordance with the provision of the law in the year 2017.

He revealed that the Zambia Police had managed to grow in manpower strength by 1,688 officers who were trained and deployed to various provinces and districts throughout the country.

“We wish to thank the Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs for its commitment and support rendered to the institution in order to accomplish this task,” he said.The ceremony was spiced up by some dance and entertainment.


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