Myanmar can draw on UN expertise in tackling Rohingya returns, Security Council told

The United Nations can help Myanmar to defuse inter-communal tensions and create an environment for safe and dignified repatriation of Rohingya refugees, the Organization’s top political official said Tuesday, stressing that the country could also tap the UN’s capacities and experience in tackling other challenges, including democratic consolidation.



A Brief Overview

The council consists of democratically elected councillors representing their electorate in the twenty–eight (28) wards, five (5) constituencies and Management, which implements Council policies. The Council works hand in hand with the District Administration in the execution of development programmes, and is the Secretariat of the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC). The DDCC, which is chaired by the District Commissioner, is composed of line ministries, NGOs, private sector and Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating developmental programmes and projects in the City.

The Role of the Ward Councillor

Ward councillors play a central role in the communication process between the communities they represent and the Council, reporting back regularly through ward meetings and assisting the community in identifying needs and priority areas of development, which feeds into the municipality’s planning processes.

A ward councillor is directly elected to represent and serve the people in a specific ward. There are usually between 3 000 and 20 000 voters in a ward. The ward councillor should make sure that the interests of the people in the ward are represented as properly as possible.

The ward councillor should be in touch with the issues in the area, understand the key problems and monitor development and service delivery. In committees, caucus and council meetings, the ward councillor should act as a spokesperson for the people in the ward.

The ward councillor is the direct link between the council and the voters. He/she makes sure that voters are consulted and kept informed about council decisions, development and budget plans that affect them.

People can also bring their problems to the ward councillor and he/she should deal with these in an appropriate way, for example, by taking up matters with council officials. The ward councillor is assisted by the ward committee.



Technology (“science of craft”, from Greek τέχνηtechne“art,skill, cunning of hand”; and -λογία-logia[2]) is the collection oftechniques, skillsmethods and processes used in theproduction of goods or services or in the accomplishment ofobjectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can bethe knowledge of techniques, processes, and the like, or it canbe embedded in machines which can be operated withoutdetailed knowledge of their workings.

The human species’ use of technology began with theconversion of natural resources into simple tools. Theprehistoric discovery of how to control fire and the laterNeolithic Revolution increased the available sources of foodand the invention of the wheel helped humans to travel in andcontrol their environment. Developments in historic times,including the printing pressthe telephoneand the Internet,have lessened physical barriers to communication and allowedhumans to interact freely on a global scale. The steady progressof military technology has brought weapons of ever-increasingdestructive power, from clubs to nuclear weapons.

Technology has many effects. It has helped develop moreadvanced economies (including today’s global economy) andhas allowed the rise of a leisure classMany technologicalprocesses produce unwanted by-products known as pollutionand deplete natural resources to the detriment of Earth’senvironmentInnovations have always influenced the values ofa society and raised new questions of the ethics of technology.Examples include the rise of the notion of efficiency in terms ofhuman productivityand the challenges of bioethics.

Philosophical debates have arisen over the use of technology, with disagreements over whether technology improves thehuman condition or worsens it. Neo-Luddismanarcho-primitivismand similar reactionary movements criticise thepervasiveness of technology, arguing that it harms the environment and alienates people; proponents of ideologies such astranshumanism and techno-progressivism view continued technological progress as beneficial to society and the human condition.

Until recently, it was believed that the development of technology was restricted only to human beings, but 21st centuryscientific studies indicate that other primates and certain dolphin communities have developed simple tools and passed theirknowledge to other generations.

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LGBTX(Death related vices)

Let's face it.Hillsong Church, hugely popular for the uplifting worship songs that have energised and refreshed the Body of Christ worldwide, is presently entangled in a controversy surrounding two of its music directors.
It all started when Geoffrey Grider, who is a Christian minister, on August 2 blogged news that gay couple Josh Canfeld and Reed Kelly, an openly gay couple preaching the LGBT agenda, had been engaged as leaders of the Hillsong New York City Church choir.
Grider is described on his profile as “a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ” who also “runs a successful web design company.” Grider, also identified as a street preacher, published his now viral blog post on Hillsong NYC’s openly gay and engaged members, Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly.
In his post, shared more than 55,000 times via Facebook, Grider writes:
“Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly are a proudly-out homosexual couple who preach the gospel of the LGBT Agenda. They became ‘engaged’ last year and are planning a ‘wedding’ for sometime in 2016.
They feel no conviction of any kind for the lifestyle they lead, and yet, shockingly, they are allowed to lead the worship choir during church services at Hillsong in New York City.”
On August 4, Christian Post online reported Hillsong founding Pastor Brian Houston as having disclaimed the information and said:
“I wish to correct reports that Hillsong church has ‘an openly gay couple directing a choir’ at our New York City campus. Hillsong’s position on homosexuality and gay marriage has not changed and is consistent with Scripture.
As I have stated previously, I believe the writings of Paul are clear on this subject.
“Several months ago when one of our choir directors made an unexpected public statement regarding his engagement to a man who sometimes sang in the choir, it was a complete surprise to us as well.
It is my understanding that they have not been involved in an active leadership or ministry role since.
That said, we still love them and acknowledge that – like all of us—are on a journey, and our role as a church is to assist them on this journey with grace and compassion.”
Houston further said: “I also live by my own convictions, and hold to traditional Christian thought on gay lifestyles and gay marriage. I do believe God’s word is clear that marriage is between a man and a woman.
The writings of the apostle Paul in scripture on the subject of homosexuality are also clear, as I have mentioned in previous public statements.
“Hillsong Church welcomes ALL people but does not affirm all lifestyles. Put clearly, we do not affirm a gay lifestyle and because of this we do not knowingly have actively gay people in positions of leadership, either paid or unpaid. I recognise this one statement alone is upsetting to people on both sides of this discussion, which points to the complexity of the issue for churches all over the world.”
The sources that Grider points to, to support his claims, include a January 29 Playbill article on Canfield that includes comments of his that were originally published in a December interview.
In that interview, Canfield speaks about coming out of the closet at Hillsong NYC, and states that he is “one of their choir directors” and also sings on the worship team.
“I became truthful with my church. I’m a part of Hillsong NYC. I’m one of their choir directors. I also sing on their Worship team. They’ve been amazing as well,” Canfield said.
“Nothing has changed there now that I’m completely out and with Reed. He sings in the choir as well. I found that being an honest person has actually come with a lot of benefits. People are more sincere with you, and you find out a lot more about other people when you become honest,” Canfield said.
The article refers to New York Times which months prior, in an October 2014 article, suggested that Pastor Houston had “shifted” on gay marriage, that “some of Hillsong’s churches appear to be open to gays and lesbians.”
The article stated that Canfield and Kelly “worship and sing in the choir at Hillsong New York” and that “Canfield is a volunteer choir director at the church.”
If you have followed the rise of homosexuality in the Western church, the Hillsong incident is only a drop in the ocean.
The immense pressure that church leaders are battling in the US and other developed countries has been exposed on Oprah Winfrey’s television shows. One by one, top leaders of mega-churches who have been her guests have crumbled and stammered at her simple questions: Is homosexuality a sin? Will homosexuals go to Hell?
The answer is a simple and plain and straight YES. All sinners who do not and cannot repent of their sins and find forgiveness and eternal life by faith in Jesus Christ will waste and burn in an eternal Hell. That is plain and straight Bible.
But no one should perish because Jesus died so that sinners might live: the penalty for all sin has been paid for in full.
There should be no controversy about that because the same Jesus rose from the dead and reigns in Heaven at the right hand of God. Everyone who calls on His Name will be saved from sin and eternal death.
But believers in the West have been traumatized by ocean waves of political scavenging, media hype and betrayal by preachers who have for decades crusaded not for salvation of gays but for their endorsement.
The overthrow of biblical Christianity is well underway in the West where the Bible is prohibited in many public institutions. That may sound distant, but Christians here must fear for the Church in Zambia because the end-game of today’s isms is to overthrow essential Christianity and replace it with a ‘do as thou wilt’ alternative.
This is an important reason why Christians in Zambia should by all means be alert and not permit homosexual rights to be legalized here: as we shall see, the goal of the homosexual movement is to overthrow not only Christianity but natural society altogether.
We must not forget what it is to become a Christian: If you meet Christ and turn from all your sins, and sins include sodomy and lesbianism, His blood cleanses you of all your sins. The Holy Spirit enters your heart and you become a new person.
This is by far the greatest of all miracles: the conversion of a mortal sinner into a redeemed, forgiven child of God.
By that absolute transformation alone, no homosexual will continue in that homosexuality.
And if a group of people genuinely are in Christ, and call themselves a church, they will not identify themselves with a sin, but rather with a Christian virtue. That is why names of churches generally speak to a spiritual virtue or value, rather than a human fault.
‘Christians’ who choose to hoist flags or banners proclaiming their commitment to sodomy and lesbianism are against Jesus Christ and the whole biblical counsel of God. They have brewed their own carnal wine and are comfortably drinking it.
Therefore, if it is right to identify the house of God as a gay community church or gay metropolitan church, which is the case in the West, we might as well identify congregations at large with all other human weaknesses.
Since Lucifer is a hard taskmaster, the deal would not close and end where we are now, but we would eventually fall into the following kinds of churches: Lusaka Alcoholic Church; Ndola Adultery Church; Mufulira Deception Church; Chipata Witchcraft Church; Senanga Hatred Church; Chirundu Theft Church; Mpika Murder Church; and Solwezi Incest Church.
That is weird to the eye, but that is the root meaning of ‘gay church’ which in reality is ‘homosexuality church.’ Only witches’ covens and criminal gangs choose for themselves names reflecting their nature. Where a ‘church’ opposes Bible teaching it is akin to a Satanist temple where Satan and everything opposed to Christ is worshipped.
If homosexual rights ever materialised by law in Zambia, which must not happen because of important practical reasons, churches would be compelled to do the following:
•    Stop describing homosexuality as a sin;
•    Conduct same-sex weddings;
•    Employ homosexuals;
•    Support homosexual causes; and
•    Be sympathetic towards all other sexual deviations (which the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender movement supports).
Such prohibitions would also cripple biblical teaching on many other sins because no sin exists exclusively by itself. This is the case in the West. And because no sin exists by itself, Christians are strongly taught to allow the devil no space at all because one sin that is sheltered and cuddled always pulls in a long queue of other evils.
Ephesians 4:27 is explicit when it says “Do not give the devil a foothold.” James 2:10 says plainly: “For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all.” All sins are interlinked, so you cannot choose between major and lesser sins.
This means that the end result of homosexual rights in a nation, which translates into homosexual rights in church, is the death of the Gospel. It becomes illegal to preach Christ and the Cross on which He died for our salvation.
Presently, few preachers in the West proclaim any Gospel at all. What they have left is motivational talk, do-it-yourself ideas but no life-saving biblical word. Sinners are perishing in church, which is even worse than perishing in a tavern.
In the US and many parts of Europe, there now exist gay churches in their hundreds. In major church denominations, gay clerics have ascended to top positions.
Church organizations that support homosexuality in America are numberless. This is proof that gay movements are out to weaken, disembowel, castrate, dilute and cripple the Church.
In his book The Homosexual Network, Enrique T. Rueda observes: “Churches, once they have been infiltrated by the homosexual movement, constitute one of its most important allies.”
David A. Noebel said in his 1984 book The Homosexual Revolution that “One of the most important segments of society advocating and defending the homosexual lifestyle is the religious community.”
Apparently, drives to accept and accommodate homosexuality in Western churches started long ago. Little wonder Christianity has been overthrown within the church in the West.
Noebel cites a resolution by a United Methodist Council on Youth Ministries in 1974 which said: “Homosexual practice should not be a bar to the ministry of that denomination.”
In 1978 a United Presbyterian task force declared that “the orientation of practicing homosexuals is consistent with the standards of the denomination.” It approved the homosexual lifestyle and argued that each local presbytery should decide for itself what it would do in handling the issue.
Anglicans and Methodist Episcopalians have been torn apart by the appointments of gay bishops in the US and the UK. Such developments do not strengthen the witness of the Christian Church; rather they disable the Gospel by changing it to accommodate sins we do not want to repent of.
Noebel says the most significant homosexual infiltration into the religious community has been the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches.
This is a homosexual denomination at the centre of homosexual religious organizations. Its founder Troy Perry boasted that his homosexual denomination was instrumental in helping gay caucuses be formed in the United Methodist Church, United Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church USA, the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church.
At that time the UFMCC was aiming for a foothold in world church bodies of different categories.
Now that homosexuality and same-sex marriages are legal throughout the US, that is a victory for groups such as those cited here. But then, churches that lose their salt—by proclaiming the very things the Bible prohibits or by denying salvation in Christ Jesus— eventually lose society’s attention.
They lose their relevance and the same society that applauded their betrayal of the Gospel forgets them and moves on.
Reuters reported that on July 31, 2015 that Father Bartholomew Daly conducted the last mass at Church of Our Lady Peace in New York on that day.
Mournful Catholic parishioners across New York attended final mass services on Friday in some of dozens of churches closing or stopping regular worship services.
The closures followed an announcement by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York in November that it would consolidate 368 parishes into 294, reflecting a national trend of parish closures in the United States caused by low attendance, a shortage of priests and financial troubles.
Challenges facing New York’s Catholic parishes were experienced elsewhere in the nation, where churches had started increasingly closing since the early 2000s, said Mark Gray, a senior research associate at the Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate at Georgetown University.
The world has changed, therefore all believers in Zambia must awake and keep a sharp eye on the church, the executive, the judiciary, the legislature, civil society and—sadly—Western missionaries. Email:


What Is Robotics?

Dextre is attached to the end of the International Space Station’s robotic arm.
Credits: NASA
An artist's drawing of one of NASA's Mars rover on the surface of Mars
Spirit is one of a group of robots that have explored Mars from the surface or from orbit.
Credits: NASA
Robonaut can perform tasks that astronauts otherwise would have to do.
Credits: NASA
Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites investigation
SPHERES robots have been tested on the International Space Station.
Credits: NASA
K10 is a robot that has scouted craters, lava flows and deserts to help human explorers.
Credits: NASA

This article is part of the NASA Knows! (Grades K-4) series.
Robotics is the study of robots. Robots are machines that can be used to do jobs. Some robots can do work by themselves. Other robots must always have a person telling them what to do.
How Does NASA Use Robots? 
NASA uses robots in many different ways. Robotic arms on spacecraft can move large objects in space. Robotic spacecraft can visit other worlds. Robotic airplanes can fly without a pilot aboard. NASA is studying new types of robots. These will work with people and help them.
What Are Robotic Arms?
NASA uses robotic arms to move large objects in space. The “Canadarm” robotic arm is on the space shuttle. The International Space Station has the larger Canadarm2. The space shuttle uses its arm for many jobs. The Canadarm can release or recover satellites. Astronauts have used it to grab the Hubble Space Telescope. This let them fix the Hubble. The shuttle and space station arms work together to help build the station. The robotic arms have added new parts to the space station. The arms also can move astronauts around on spacewalks. The space station’s arm can move to different parts of the station. It moves along the outside of the station like an inchworm, attached at one end at a time. It has a robotic “hand” named Dextre that can do smaller jobs. An astronaut or someone in Mission Control must control these robotic arms. The astronaut uses controllers like joysticks used to play video games.
How Do Robots Explore Other Worlds?
Robots help explore space. Spacecraft that explore other worlds, like the moon or Mars, are robots. These include orbiters, landers and rovers on other planets. The Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are robots. Other robotic spacecraft fly by or orbit other worlds. These robots study planets from space. The Cassini spacecraft is this type of robot. Cassini studies Saturn and its moons and rings. The Voyager and Pioneer spacecraft are now traveling beyond our solar system. They are also robots. People use computers to send messages to the spacecraft. The robots have antennas that pick up the message commands. Then the robot does what the person has told it to do.
How Does NASA Use Robotic Airplanes?
NASA uses many airplanes that do not carry pilots aboard. Some of these airplanes are flown by remote control. Others can fly themselves, with only simple directions. Robotic planes help in many ways. They can study dangerous places. For example, they might be used to take pictures of a volcano. They let NASA try new ideas for aircraft. These planes can fly for a long time without the need to land. They also can be smaller than a plane flown by a pilot. They may not have room for a person to be on board.
How Can Robots Help Astronauts?
NASA is developing new robots to help people in space. One of these ideas is called Robonaut. Robonaut looks like the upper body of a person. It has a chest, head and arms. Robonaut could work outside a spacecraft. It could do work like an astronaut on a spacewalk. With wheels or another way of moving, Robonaut could work on another world. Robonaut could help astronauts on the moon or Mars.

Another robot idea is called SPHERES. These small robots look a little like soccer balls. SPHERES are being used on the space station to test how well they can move there. Someday, robots could fly around the station helping astronauts.

NASA is studying other ideas for robots. A small robotic arm could be used inside the station. A robot like that might help in an emergency. If an astronaut were seriously hurt, a doctor on Earth could use the arm to perform surgery. This technology could help on Earth, as well. Doctors could help people in faraway places where there are no doctors.

Robots also can be used as scouts to check out new areas to be explored. Scout robots can take photographs and measure the terrain. This helps scientists and engineers make better plans for exploring. Scout robots can be used to look for dangers and to find the best places to walk, drive or stop. This helps astronauts work more safely and quickly. Having humans and robots work together makes it easier to study other worlds.
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